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Knitting with Linen

I have worked with linen and other plant fiber based yarns in the past.  With my collection in Sparrow I had the chance to really explore what it can do.  Now that I've experienced it more fully I can't believe I didn't connect with it sooner.  I mean, Featherweight in linen would be the perfect little sweater for spring and summer! 


I love knit fabric that drapes.  I typically achieve this with wool by knitting at a looser gauge.  Most of my loose gauge garments knit fingering or lace weight yarns at 6 sts to the inch.  A few of the especially drapey pieces in Knitbot Linen are at this gauge.   After much swatching I found closer to 7 sts to the inch, 6.75 to be exact, was the sweet spot with this fingering weight linen yarn.  If you prefer to substitute wool you'll still be able to achieve this gauge - just be sure to knit your gauge swatch, knitters! 


Knitbot Linen features six unstructured knits, all meant to be breezy pieces to pair with your summer wardrobe.  Each piece has their own points of interest.  Here are some teasers of two of my favorites.

Until next week, when we'll kick of on Monday with a full preview.  You can look forward to the release mid week, giveaways, all kinds of excitement!

How is everyone feeling about knitting with linen?