Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter



photo by Birch Blaze Studio

photo by Birch Blaze Studio


I have a question about a one of your patterns.

I would love to be able to answer each of your individual questions.  I run an extremely small operation and it is not always possible to reply to pattern questions.  If you don't hear back from me right away it's not because I don't care, I'm just swamped!  Feel free to nudge me with a follow up e-mail.  I encourage you to view the internet as a resource, there are oodles of knitting tutorials on youtube.  Also, consider finding a knitting group through your local yarn shop or your public library.

I think I found a mistake in one of your patterns.

Oh no!  All of our patterns are rigorously tested.  Sadly, errors can still slip through the cracks.  Check our errata page to see if we've already addressed the issue.  If you don't see it there, please let us know by e-mail!

Do you have a phone number?

Sorry, it isn't practical for me to offer phone support.  You can try contacting me by e-mail.

Can I knit one of your designs and then sell the finished product?

This is fine with me so long as you give me credit as the designer. Not every designer feels the same way that I do, so it's good to ask first.

I'm a yarn shop and would like to carry your patterns.

Great!  You can contact NNK Press and they will take good care of you.

Do you teach?

I don't currently teach at shops or summits.  I did teach at the online retreat Knit Stars, and beginning January 2017 the classes will all be available for sale!  I'm very proud of my class and encourage you to check it out!

I'd like to hire you for design work.

Wow, thank you for thinking of me!  Shoot me an e-mail and if I'm able to I will get back to you.  If you don't hear back from me I sincerely apologize, it can be difficult to keep up with all incoming requests.  You can always nudge me with a follow up e-mail.