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Knitting Pleats

Tubular Cast On

This is a great cast on for the neck of top down pullovers.  It's super stretchy! 

Long-tail cast on

A great all purpose cast on as it offers some elasticity.

Backwards Loop Cast On

This cast on is typically used when adding stitches onto the ends of a row.  For example, when knitting a top down cardigan, you may cast on for button bands after working some neck shaping.  It can also be used when creating buttonholes.

Kfb / K1-f/b

Knit into the front and back of the same stitch to create two stitches from one stitch. 

M1L and M1R increases

These increases are commonly used when working top down sweaters, though there are many different ways to work increases in knitting.

Join Sleeves to Body

In this video you'll see how to join sleeves to the body of a yoked cardigan when working from the bottom up.  This will be helpful if you're knitting Schoodic, Walpole or June's Favorite Cardigan. 

Fair Isle Knitting: Willard Pullover Demonstration

Watch Aimee knitting the Willard Pullover.  Notice how she keeps the fabric from bunching while carrying long strands across the back.  Keep those strands long and loose! 

Fair Isle Knitting

In this video you'll learn how to properly strand your yarn across the WS of your knitting.   First one and then two contrast colors are demonstrated.