Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

Interview with Stefanie Japel

japel3_sm.jpg 1.  Who were you pre-knitwear designer?

Hm.  Undergraduate student in geosciences (at SUNY StonyBrook.)

2. Can you give us some history on your brand - how did Glampyre come about?

The name Glampyre started out as a joke.  A friend saw all of my knits and insisted that I needed a website.  She used my eBay name as the domain name, because at first I didn't want anyone to be able to figure out that it was me.  I'm not really very goth, but she is!  So...she made this purple website with glam vampires on it and stars.  It was really pretty. Now, I'm so known as Glampyre that it's hard to switch the company name to something else.

3. How did you end up writing your first book, Fitted Knits?

I was contacted by Shannon Okey (editor of Yarn Forward magazine) whose friend Tricia Waddell (who is now at Interweave) was working at F&W at the time.  She (Shannon) told me that I *needed* to do a book.  And then things progressed from there. I didn't set out to do a book at all, things just very organically happened for me.

4. Fitted Knits has been a huge success.  Are there certain things you took away from this experience that helped you as you worked on Glam Knits? I really tried to listen to the reviews that I read about Fitted Knits.  People like the top-down style, but also want a few others to try out as well.  I also wanted to play more with texture, and to use yarns from a wider selection of manufacturers and a wider range of weights and content.


5.  Glam Knits features some of the most beautiful sweater designs I have ever seen.  What are some of your favorites?

Thank you! I think my favorite is the tweed jacket, but I also really like the trapeze sweater.  These were both sweaters that I made for myself and then decided later to add to the book.


6. Many of your designs are knit from the top down, raglan style.  What do you love about these type of garments?

I love  the ease of construction and the straightforward methodology of the patterns.  I also really like that they're so customizable in terms of both fit and design.


7. What other projects are you working on right now?

I'm working on a book about how to design your own top down raglan sweater, and a few magazine patterns as well.  I'm also the Knitting Pattern Coordinator for Mission Falls Yarns.

8.  Anything else you would like us to know about Glam Knits? The pattern on page 41 is misprinted.  You can download the pattern for the Lace Panel Tunic here.