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Review: Jordana Paige Bella Bag

Tomorrow I will post an interview with Jordana Paige herself. In the meantime, I will share what I love about my Bella Bag.


First of all, I was looking for the perfect little black bag to carry on a day to day basis, not even considering that I would find that in a knitting bag.  At Stitches East I was walking by Jordana's booth, saw this bag and loved it instantly.'s totally a knitting bag!


It's perfect - it has the appropriate slots for your everyday things, cell phone, wallet, keys.  But it is also designed to hold all your knitting supplies, tape measure, needles, scissors, markers, etc.  The best part: it has two circlets that you can run your yarn through so that when you are knitting on the go, your yarn doesn't keep popping out of the bag.  This happens to me on airplanes, and it's always a little embarrassing to have to reclaim runaway balls of yarn from a few rows back.  No longer!  I receive compliments on my Bella bag all the time from non-knitters.  After thanking them, I of course have to point out how it is secretly the best knitting bag ever.

Want your own?  Find out more here.