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Itty Bitty Nursery Review

Itty-Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson has got to be one of the sweetest collections of knits for baby. itty.jpg

Here are some of my favorite things about it.

First of all, it's spiral bound, which is always a treat.  The book stays open on it's own while you are trying to work through your project!


The first collection in the book features pieces made entirely out of garter stitch squares.  How exciting for beginner knitters to be able to create something special using their skill set.



The second section contains baby sets - super duper cute baby sets!



Chubby Bunny is part of the circles collection.  Look at him!


If you haven't been convinced yet that this book is a must have, the last two sections will push you over the edge.  Nursery Goodies and On the Go Baby each feature truly unique knits - imagine bringing these pacifier clips to a baby shower?!  You will be queen!


Although I will probably never get around to making a Garden Mice Mobile of my own, I just love knowing it exists in the world.


These dotted chickens need to be in my kitchen amidst the tea cups.  Some day...

Finally, this book features a fabulous techniques section.


It's 18 pages long!  Itty Bitty Nursery really gives you everything you need to be able to successfully create any of the knits within it's pages.

Stay tuned for an interview with Susan...