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From the Mailbox

A Thursday feature, questions from you knitters, answered for the benefit of all.  I encourage you add your thoughts in the comments below. (regarding featherweight cardigan)

Hello Hannah

I am knitting this great sweater of yours.

I did need to rip some out as I tried it on as it seems too tight under the arm. I plan to cast on more stitches then 2 under the arm, any suggestions on the following:

how many to cast on under the arm?

how do I then get the arms to be back at your pattern after I pick up the stitches for arms

should I also add a couple of more row of the raglan but then the body will be bigger or can I add more in the raglan in the front but not the back?

Many knitters have asked similar questions.

I am revising Featherweight Cardigan, Lightweight Pullover and Yoked Cardigan, all worked from the top down.  Included in the revisions will be more stitches cast on at the underarm after dividing the sleeves from the body.

For Featherweight and Lightweight I recommend 6 stitches cast on at the underarm.

For all adult sizes of the Yoked Cardigan I recommend 5 stitches cast on at the underarm, or one more repeat of K1, P4.  Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric worked in the Yoked Cardigan pattern, children's sizes can remain with no sts added at the underarm.

When you go back to work the sleeves after finishing the body, you will pick up these 5 or 6 sts and work them along with the held sleeve stitches.

This change should solve any issues knitters may be having with tightness under the arm.

As far as raglan increases, the beauty of the top down sweater is that you can try it on as you go and work more or less increases if you feel like you need a better fit in the yoke.

Long live top down sweaters!

Has any one else made adjustments that they want to share with the community?

(The revised patterns mentioned above are coming soon.  If you have purchased the PDF in the past, you will be receiving an e-mail from Ravelry that will let you download the revised edition.  All future wholesale and print patterns you purchase from knitbot will be the revised editions.)