Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

Wispy Cardi Tutorial #1

This weekend I started a Wispy Cardi in size 4/6 for my niece Bella. As I work on it, I will take the opportunity to conduct a Wispy Cardi tutorial.

wispy tutorial 1

Wispy starts at the right sleeve, which is worked flat.  The Whisper Cardigan had you work the sleeve in the round, which caused some problems for knitters.  First, it was hard to avoid ladders if you were using double point needles.  Also, the bind off between the sleeve and the shrug body was a little awkward.  It's a much smoother experience now knitting the sleeve flat, binding off, then moving right into the shrug body.  Of course you do now have a short seam, which you must sew up before starting the collar and waist section.  I think the trade off is worth it.  If you really want to knit the sleeve in the round, you still can.  After casting on, simply place a marker and join.  There is no shaping so you can just knit for the desired length, then bind off on either side of the marker before starting the shrug body.