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Knitbot 2012 in review

Well, on the heels of this fantastic DECADE in review by Clara Parkes, my usual year in review seems quite silly.  But here we go anyway -- I'll keep it photo heavy, it gives me a chance to show off what my new website can do!

In March my first collaborative project with Quince & Co. launched.  Knitbot Essentials presents some of my most popular Knitbot designs all together in one collection, available both in print and digital format.  I'm happy to report that it is available in many yarn shops across the country as well as some overseas!

Alana and I released four of our favorite designs from Coastal Knits in children's sizes.

I was honored when Jared asked if I would design a piece for Wool People 3.  I have to say, Walpole is one of my personal favorites to date.  It's just so wearable.


And then a major event -- my baby girl was born.

A few months went by, and I slowly returned to work, releasing some individual patterns along the way.

And finally my most recent release, a second collaboration with Quince & Co. -- Mabel's Closet.  The release was delayed while folks were working oh so hard to get Quince's new dye house up and running.  This knitwear designer did not mind the delay, it has allowed me time to get caught up on necessary business and continue to adjust to my growing family.  And now that it has released, I've been hosting the Cradle Cardigan KAL, which I hope to wrap up this coming week.  It's all dependent on when I get time to knit, and as my children continue to fight sleep there has not been much time!

It was a pleasure to work with so many talented people this year.  First, thanks to ABE, Alana and Jason, Neesha, Kate and Courtney, Tana, MJ, Deirdre, Aimee, Nicole, Kurt, Jared, Ryan...oh dear I hope I'm not forgetting anyone.  I will amend when I inevitably wake in the night and think of someone!

When the sleep deprivation fog lifts just enough I still have moments of...I am working with PAM ALLEN, this is amazing.  And It is amazing -- to work with both her and Carrie Hoge on a weekly basis, I absolutely love what we have going -- and you'll be seeing more from us this coming year!  A thousand times thank you to both of you.

I have to give a special thank you to Jerusha Robinson who essentially runs my business for me without much direction at all these days.  If you're a stockist you no doubt have gotten to know her - she's a true gem and I look forward to another year with her.  

SO...2013 anyone?

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