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More from the 2016 We Wear Knitbot Fashion Show

In yesterdays post we highlighted the 8 prize winners for our first annual We Wear Knitbot Fashion Show.  There were so many great entries, I wanted to highlight some more!

One nice surprise were the kids who participated!  When I launched the show I hadn't even thought of that possibility, but OF COURSE and next year we'll make it a specific category.  I loved this one styled down to the book.

There were several knitters who posted more than one entry, including Rebecca who posted FIVE outfits around five different Knitbot knits, wow!  Let's call her the most prolific knitter!

I also want to mention Marie, our NYC knitter who posted three beautiful outfits.  We love her style and her passion for knitting!

Also Cait, who posted an outfit styled around Georgetown which is her first sweater, and then posted two other outfits around two different knits!  Way to go, Cait!

This entry by Sara has a wonderful monochromatic quality, I want to put some text on that wall so bad!

A neat thing that came out of this show is that some knitters used it as a knit-a-long, whether casting on during the show or using the show to finish a work in progress like Monica.

And finally, there is nothing like a happy knitter, and we would give Michelle the prize for happiest, love that smile and love that Georgetown!

You guys, I'm so proud of all of you and I feel like I know you better!  Let's keep connecting through our knitting.  I'll be knitting something from Knitbot Linen during May on IG and anyone is welcome to join me, we'll talk more about that in a few weeks!

Hannah Fettig