Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

Fibre Co Decisions

Well, I made some decisions, although if I allowed myself I could still change my mind....but, no, I'm sticking with it. I have chosen Savannah for the Family Tree Throw in the Mother's Chapter. It features a large sprawling tree with appliqued leaves in three shades. The knitter can customize the throw by arranging leaves as they wish and embroidering the names of family members.

Savannah, with the tagline Organic Comfort, is 50% merino, 20% organic cotton, 15% linen and 15% soya fiber.

For the mother's cardigan I have chosen Babe in a pretty color called Poppy.

This yarn is so soft, and after blocking it was even softer. 70% alpaca and 30% merino. I am also going to use Babe for the Child's Sweater, in a pale blue. There are five other "smaller" projects that will feature Fibre Co yarn, more to come on that later...