Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

Growing on Trees

I just finished graphing out the tree for the Family Tree Throw.  You can just work from this picture of the graph, right Lynn? (ha!)  I hope it looks nice knit up.  My original plan had been to just have the tree in colorwork, and then knit tons of tiny leaves and applique them on.  Then I woke up to reality.  Someday maybe for myself, but when I thought about writing the pattern for that I said, I guess I'll rethink this.


Jessica just returned the wee pants I made for the initial proposal.  Thanks, pants, for getting me this sweet gig!  Aren't they SO CUTE!?!  Okay, I think you really need to look at them close up: pants-1.jpg

She also returned the daughter's scarf.  I love this scarf.  I'm having another knit out of full skeins so we can get an accurate length, I made this one out of scraps I had for the proposal.  There will also be a hat.


Abe's favorite scarf gets an honorable mention in the book.  It's simply knit 1, purl 1, do we really need a pattern for that?  Probably not, BUT it's a great scarf out of Noro Silk Garden, and to spice it up it will be paired with the Fibre Co Organik Earflap Hat, so it's really just a bonus.



Lorna's Laces contributed this superwash sock yarn.  Sage green socks with appliqued flowers.  Can you see it?!

phowbw.jpg more picture of my cat.