Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

Blast from the Past

Someone just made an inquiry about a project I worked on a few years ago. While we're on the subject, I thought I would dig it up for those of you who haven't seen it before. Okay, follow this: my cousin's fiancee's brother...are you with me? He contacted me with a dream. He had always wanted to have a particular sweater worn by the boy in the movie About a Boy. If you have seen the movie, you probably know which sweater I am talking about. When he asked, it so happened I had very recently seen the movie and thought it sounded like good fun to try and duplicate it. And so I did, and it was good fun. It will be forever referred to as the About a Boy sweater. aboutboy.JPG


I've had a few requests for a pattern, but I have decided it shall remain a one of a kind piece.  It's funny to look at this now, it makes me realize how much I have learned in just the past few years, when I just look at the shape of the sweater itself.  What's up with those sleeves, Hannah?