Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

Meet Amy Polcyn

I have a fabulous new technical editor, Amy Polcyn! Here is a wee interview with her:


How long have you been knitting?

Since 1999, when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I learned to crochet in high school, but was determined to learn to knit baby things!

When did you transition into designing and technical editing?

In 2004 I was working on the TKGA Master Knitting program, and one of the requirements (for Level 3) was to design and knit a Fair Isle hat or sweater.  I hadn't gone through that process before, and through it I learned how much I loved to design. I started designing for online magazines first, then yarn companies, print magazines, and books.  I started tech editing in 2006 as a result of positive feedback I was getting about the accuracy/clarity of my patterns.  Clients I had been designing for started asking me to tech edit other patterns for them. 

Do you have some designs you would like to share with us?

Sure.  The first picture is of my very first design- the Fair Isle hat I mentioned earlier. 


The pattern is available through Some Knitting Required, a pattern distribution company started by a friend of mine. 


The second is a design I did for Tilli Tomas, which is one of the few patterns I sell myself through Ravelry.

The last is one of my favorites, my Sushi pattern. 


It was originally on Magknits, and now in the 2009 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar, or as a free download on Ravelry.

What is on your needles right now?

A design for Knit n' Style, one for Louet, and two for Aslan Trends.  Also a pair of socks and a shawl for me (both from someone else's patterns--I like mindless knitting for myself!)

Where can people find you on-line?

I have a blog, or you can find me on Ravelry- my username is frottez.