Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

Mothers Cardigan in GGH Soft Kid

Doodlesknit of Sydney, Australia recently completed the Mothers Cardigan in one of my favorite yarns, GGH Soft Kid. flounce-12.jpg

Didn't it turn out great?  She shares a few words on the cardigan.

I finished my cardigan in December o8. The GGH Soft Kid I chose suited a 5mm needle. It was a quick knit, although I did find myself knitting the back almost twice, because I mis-crossed a cable and didn’t notice for quite a long time (maybe I though it would magically ‘right’ itself if I just kept knitting). Just as well I had plenty of yarn and could discard the used yarn, mohair is bad, bad, bad to frog and it de-fuzzed as I unraveled.


I really like this design, it has lots of waist shaping so is very flattering and is the sort of classic style that shows off a yarn or (vintage) buttons really well. It was very easy to do and, once knitted up, the pieces fitted together perfectly.

I made practically no modifications. Only a little lengthening of the sleeves and increasing the buttonholes to 3x cast off/cast on stitches rather than a yarn-over. No matter what size of button I chose I think I’d do this detail again and simply sew up any excess buttonhole. Since the facing folds back on itself, buttonholes have to be matched up together with a few stitches anyway and buttonholes rarely come out neatly so the more ‘tidying’ that can be done the better.


I’ll certainly do this pattern again, I can see it becoming my ‘go-to’ pattern for a cardigan because it lends itself to further adaptations. I can see a shorter more closely fitted version in my future, or a version with different placement of a cable or with a variegated yarn. Of course it’s also a great way to show off vintage buttons!