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French Girl Knits Review

Everyone is talking about Kristeen Griffin-Grimes new book, French Girl Knits: Innovative Techniques, Romantic Details, and Feminine Designs. fg1.jpg

Let's take a peek inside and see what makes this book so special.

In her introduction, Kristeen gets us in the right frame of mind to appreciate her french inspired designs.  We begin to get a sense for what it is about France that is so inspirational for her.  She carries this thread through each chapter, with vivid descriptions and sweet stories.


Chapter 1: Romantic and Vintage Inspired


Chapter 2: Rustic with a Gypsy Edge


Chapter 3: Innovative and Unconventional


Chapter 4: Streetwear with Style

Fans of seamless construction will rejoice.  French Girl Knits features four types of said construction and provides excellent supplementary  guides to each.


Shown here is side-to-side seamless construction, followed by top down seamless raglan, bottom-up seamless raglan, and bottom up seamless set in sleeve construction.

All patterns come in a nice range of sizes, and feature a variety of yarn weights.





Finally, the well illustrated glossary provides ten pages of guidance so you will be sure to execute any of the garments properly.

A wonderful book!  Check back for an interview with Kristeen.