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Whisper Cardigan: A Closer Look

p1050559.JPG (Looking to buy the pattern?  Head this way.)

Several people have requested to see a schematic of the whisper cardigan, so here it is (rough, as you can see!)  Following is a corresponding overview of how the cardigan is worked- it's seamless!

1. You begin by working the right sleeve in the round, using US 7 dpn or 12" circular. (I don't mind 12" circulars, some people find it a little uncomfortable.) Next, you work the body back and forth using a longer US 7 circular needle. The flexibility of the circular needle is nice as you make the transition from working in the round to working straight.  At the center back you use US 2 needles for a few rows to create the wee bit of gathering, then continue on US 7's, switching back to working in the round when you reach the left sleeve.

2. With US 4 circular needles, you pick up stitches all around the opening of the cardigan, and then work in rib as described, binding off around the collar edge when complete.

3. With US 7 needles, you knit the lower body from the waist down.

I hope this is helpful.  If you require further clarification, please leave a comment and I will ammend this post as needed.

I can't wait to see everyone's cardi's!!

02.19 - Sizing: Good questions!  The good news is that the fabric that results from the sproingy lace weight yarn knit on larger needles is very versatile - it sort of forms to your shape, and in an flattering way!

That said, here are some tips for sizing.  Think of the suggested sizes as S, M and L.  For a frame of reference, I am wearing the medium size here and I have a 36" chest, and I measure 22" from shoulder to shoudler.

Also, on the sleeves - I don't have the cardi in front of me to measure, I will try to track it down, but again, I am wearing the medium and my bicep measures 12".  You can see how it fits nicely, so I think it's safe to assume the 10" as published in IK is off a wee bit.

Another thing to keep in mind: you can try on the cardi as you knit!  Once you have completed the first sleeve, you will be knitting across the back, aiming for the center of your spine where you will work a wee bit of gathering. You have the opportunity to ensure a perfect fit this way!

02.23 - The nature of the Morehouse Farm Lace, and I would suspect Malabrigo Lace, is that it doesn't really curl up once blocked.  If you are concerned about it, go ahead and sneak some ribbing in there, or create a little hem.

Also, the color Morehouse Farm Merino Lace that I used is  Seafoam - it was misprinted in IK (probably my fault...)