Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

Malabrigo Sock Sweater - er, Days 2 - 4

So, it turns out I'm not so good with the daily check in.  One of my excuses is that, finally, the weather has been beautiful here in Maine.  I've been out soaking it up while I can.   I do have some progress to report on the sock yarn sweater. day-2-2.jpg

This sweater has a nice wide neck.  This will be great for the wee sizes, to accomodate their giant heads!  Also, I think it will be quite flattering on the lady - folk.  On the gents...hmmm, not sure about that yet.  We'll take a good look once the sweater is complete and decide whether it is truly unisex.

How great is this color? It's called Chocolate Amargo.