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From the Mailbox

A new Thursday feature, questions from you knitters, answered for the benefit of all.  I encourage you to add your thoughts in the comments below.  Community answers are rich answers!

Today's question was about Lettuce Pullover, but applies to Wispy, Whisper and Featherweight:

Hannah - how is the original garment wearing? I’m concerned about the pilling and stretching with that Malabrigo Lace. Thanks!

I haven't found stretching to be an issue.

Malabrigo yarns do pill, it’s true, especially in areas that rub together such as under the arms. Here are some suggestions:

  • sweater stones and razor blades for removing the pills
  • avoid wearing your sweater under anything like a jacket, especially if that jacket doesn't have a lining. You want to show your sweater off anyway, right?
  • it shouldn’t pill forever!  If you keep up with the initial pills with your stone or razor the pilling with slow down.

What is your experience, knitters?