Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

New Beginnings

All my spring pattern's released successfully...and exhale.  What a relief to have that behind me.  And now to relax and enjoy some mindless knitting.  Oh no, wait!  Like a crazy person I committed myself to all kinds of new projects and deadlines for fall! Ahhhhh!!!!  It's so easy to say yes. Well, at least I get to play with some beautiful materials.

Today I am experimenting with:










Sparrow, the new organic linen from Quince.  It's lovely and not rough on the hands as you knit, amazingly enough.  That hasn't always been the case with other linen I've worked with.










An old favorite, Canopy Fingering.  One of the new projects I am working on is inspiration based.  Though the plant this color is named after, yerba mate, is native to South America, today I am thinking of seaweed washed up along my Maine coastline. Hmmmm.....