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TNNA Wrap-Up

Hi, it's Deirdre again! Back from TNNA, and struggling to write a wrap-up post. How do you distill four awesome days into one blog post? I have started and stopped this post several times because I just can't find the words to convey how AMAZING, FUN, and all-around FABULOUS it was to be at TNNA this year! First off, I got to meet and share a booth with Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn, who run Kelbourne Woolens and distribute The Fibre Company yarns (swoon!). Both of them are just as wonderful as you can imagine, and I really enjoyed spending four days with them. Throughout the trade show, people kept stopping by the booth just to squoosh the lovely yarns, and I don't blame them! There may have been a good amount of squooshing done by me, as well.

Set-up day was Friday, and it took several hours to iron and hang curtains, unfurl and steam skeins of yarn, set up garment displays, etc. All of the booths were being set up at the same time, so it was a hectic flurry of activity in the convention hall. It was all new to me so it was hard not to stare every time a member of the "knitterati" walked by. Norah Gaugahn and I nearly bowled each other over in a doorway and I admit that I may have texted my brother immediately to tell him what happened. By the end of it the booth was looking quite snazzy and we were all tired but ready for the first day of shopping, which began at 9am on Saturday.

Saturday - Sunday - Monday. The show floor was open! It was SOOO much fun! I got to meet many of the shops who order Knitbot patterns in person, and I was able to show a photo of Hannah's darling baby girl to all who asked. People had a good time trying on Knitbot samples and I wish I had had the presence of mind to take more photos of them. But really, the whole weekend was just such a blur!

One of the best parts was seeing all the enthusiasm people have for the Coastal Kids patterns, and with good reason! I had some samples out on the table and no one could resist the Tiny Rocky Coast sweater--it was a crowd-pleaser, that's for sure!

The weekend was full of meeting wonderful shop owners who I have only spoken with on the phone, chatting with enthusiastic newcomers to Knitbot patterns, and meeting loads of fun and fabulous members of the knitting community whose blogs I have read for years and who were all so kind and lovely. And of course I spent a fair share of time at the famous North Market, home to Jeni's Ice Cream and other fabulous eateries. Re-entry to the real world was difficult, but I have my memories of the event to carry with me every day.