Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

Sans Kerchief, Knitbot Linen & Stashbot


It's been less than a year since Knitbot Linen released.  As spring has most welcomely arrived and warmer weather is on the horizon, I wanted to re-present this collection.

Have you had a chance to knit with linen before?  Well, if you've been hesitant or curious to try it, I've designed a simple kerchief in Quince & Co. Sparrow that will pair very nicely with any of the garments from Knitbot Linen.

Sans Kerchief is a great opportunity to both swatch with Sparrow and create an accessory for every day wear.  The pattern includes two size kerchiefs, both a 21" and 32" square.  No, your eyes don't deceive you, this kerchief is simple.  But in my opinion linen is at it's best when it's simply done!

Through the end of this week, that's March 24 - 28, Quince & Co. is offering Sans Kerchief FREE when you purchase Knitbot Linen ($16 digital & print bundle) from their website!  And hey, while you're there, they are also stocking my new yarn buying guide, Stashbot ($6 print booklet)!  

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Later this week I'll have a round up of some of your beautiful finished knits from Knitbot Linen...stay tuned for show and tell!

Hannah Fettig