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I have have an exciting new product to share with all you knitters!  

Please note, today's release is available only in PRINT from your local yarn shop.  HOWEVER, we do have an interactive digital version in the works, it just isn't ready quite yet.  But soon, so please stay tuned for the release of this digital product!

Meet your new yarn shopping companion, Stashbot!

If you find a yarn you can’t live without, this guide will help you determine how much you should buy!  It will pay for itself over and over as it saves you from purchasing more skeins of yarn than you need.  Most importantly it will keep your stash useful as you'll be sure to have enough yarn to knit the projects you would like.   Also included is an article on my stash psychology with tips on how to change your stash for the better.

Stashbot is an 8 page booklet that includes yarn requirement averages for gauges 3 - 8 stitches per inch / 2.5 cm.

Categories include:

Vests, shrugs & cropped, average and tunic length sweaters in sizes 3 months - 60” / 152cm bust circumference.

Hats, Socks & Mittens in sizes Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult & XL Adult 

Neckwear in 3 averages dimensions

All yarn requirements are presented in both yards and meters. 

Again, Stashbot it currently available in print from your local yarn shop, you can check our list of stockists HERE.  We do have stockists with online shops if you don't have a brick and mortar shop near you, they are also listed on the stockists page.  

But tablet and smart phone users get ready to rejoice, as soon we will have a very cool interactive version of Stashbot for you!

PS If you are a shop owner who's interested in carrying Stashbot, you can get in touch with for more details.

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