Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

I Laid an Egg

Look what has appeared in my nest!

The first one I made was GIANT!  I won't even show it to you, it's embarrassing.  I almost thought it was going to be too small, but I could barely fit it into the nest.  I'll stuff some catnip in it and give it to the cats.

I talked to my Aunt Lynn today, hoping she would want to knit me up some knee high socks or the Family Tree Throw (which I need to reconsider yarn for).  She said, "Well, I'd really like to do both." And I said, "Well, I really love you."  Seriously this is the best.  She also belongs to a Knitter's Guild down there in Harvard, MA and is going to spread the word for me to her 60 buddies that I need knitters!  She is totally making my week.  Oh, actually, sorry Lynn, I forgot.  We bought a house this week, so that kind of made my week first.  But you're a close second!

Today I worked on the pattern for the knee highs so I can get that out to Lynn.

In other news, I am plugging along on the Mother's Cardi.

...and Karabella sent me some Cashmere Yarn: