Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter


Here is the bird who will sit atop the wee nest. His body needs some help, but I'm happy with his little head.

Here is my shipment of Brown Sheep Burly Spun for a big cozy blanket. This is a perfect example of a project I could outsource to one of my knitters...but I WANT TO DO IT! (Stamping my foot) so there!

I'm swatching this Karabella Boise for the Mother's Cashmere Scarf. Super duper nice to work with, of course. One of the girls from "the guild" will get to enjoy this experience.

And I am plugging away on the Mother's Sweater still. It has had several different collars. You'll note now it has no collar. It hasn't revealed itself to me yet. Also, I have started and ripped out a sleeve. I have been deciding between a tapered sleeve and a straight sleeve. I'm thinking straight now, after trying the tapered...