Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

California Here I Come

We are taking off for California tomorrow. I am only bringing the skirt, which is mostly straight knitting, for the plane, and the teddy bear and kangaroo. When we land back in Maine, I need to have in my possession two stuffed toys. Thats the rule. pillow.JPG

I am SO pleased with how the sisters pillow is coming along.  Look at that, right into a perfect circle, I still can't believe it.


The Mothers Cardigan finally grew some sleeves.  All that's left to decide is how to finish the neck, and attach the buttons.  Yeah!


This week necessity demanded I do a bit of sewing.


Cushion covers for the kitchen chairs.  I couldn't stand the other ones another second.curtains.JPG

I made these curtains for Abe's office out of fabric I got in the Ikea reject bin for $1.