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Knit Animals are Blowing My Mind

cali.JPG We are back from California.  All I can say is boy am I tired.  A red eye flight + 3 nights of insomnia = crazy lady.  Maybe it's because my mind is chewing on the construction of knit animals.  Wow, I have never done anything like this before.  It's really hard.  Here is what I have done on the bear so far.


A bit of a freak show at the moment, but I think...think he is four limbs and one eye away from cuteness.  Obviously that string won't be hanging out of his right eye.

While in San Francisco, I bought the rest of the yarn I will need at a shop called Imagiknit.


Blue Sky Alpaca for Kangaroo.  Can't you just see him?


Lamb's Pride for Friends Bag - Bulky and Blue.


Tiny red yarn for the heart pin.

Lynn called and said she has the Family Tree Throw finished, and her knitters have the juggling balls, socks and some other items done.  Yeah, I can't wait to see them.