Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter

April Showers Bring May Flowers...and Deadlines!

6 weeks and counting, tick tick... In recent flying rodent news, Abe awoke one morning last week to the sound of chirping coming from the other room. Upon investigation, he found this all tangled up in my yarn basket.


She had injured herself and could not fly. A nice woman who handles bats came and took her away. All the best, little friend!

Here is some show and tell:

The sisters pillow is coming together just as I hoped. I am almost finished with the trim that connects the front and back.


I found these cover buttons for the center, which I will make a little cover for.


Mo finished knitting the purple rug and started assembly.


I finished the assembly last week at Knitwit.


It has been suggested that perhaps it need not be felted, why not leave it as a throw? That is yet to be determined.

Speaking of giant knit throws, Lynn completed the family tree throw. tree.JPG

I'm trying to decide where to go with this. It has been suggested that I felt this (I can here Lynn screaming from here...noooooo!) and embroider all over it. I'm going to think on it for awhile.

I love how the daughters socks came out. Totally vintage looking.sock.JPG

Juggling balls, awesome.


Mens vest, a little bit boringsville, but lets face it, isn't that what men want? Beautifully knit by one of the guild knitters.


And finally I would like to give a shout out to my sister Theresa by showing off this throw she is working on.